I am a retired military service woman, wife, and mother who has a love of art. I have always had an appreciation for the abstract art, and a wondrous interest in bold in your face colors. Four years ago, I began my journey into the world of contemporary abstract; as a self-taught artist not bound by any rules. I create through my love of music and a peace of mind. I mainly use acrylic paints and inks, and I also like trying different mediums whether it be gel or metal. I like trying new techniques while remaining true to who I am and the art that I love. I believe while creating art, you should always push the bounties of art because it really has no limits. Be brave and create from within your soul out to your canvas.  Art: it is what warms the heart and puts a smile on your face. 

Shirley Yvette Coppet


Posted January 2018