I am a local artist and art instructor and have been both for over 30 years. Coastal scenes, historic buildings and people are my favorite subjects. Many of my landscapes depict St. Catherine’s Island. My grandfather and uncle were caretakers of the island, my mother was raised there and my father, paternal grand-father, brother and son worked on the island. So, in addition to the beauty of the environment, many wonderful memories inspire my work. I have also meshed my artistry with my love for teaching art to design a prototype for a Down’s Syndrome doll and to illustrate a book on science and thinking skills.

I earned my Bachelors and Masters Degree in art from Georgia Southern University. I have also taken graduate classes in studio art at Savannah College of Art and Design and the University of South Carolina.

My works have been shown at the Savannah Gallery in City Market, Photopoint Gallery, Cohen's Retreat, Columbia Museum of Art, City Art and the Workshop Studio in Columbia, South Carolina, at the 3rd Floor Gallery in Savannah, Georgia, and at the Leahy Art Gallery in Richmond Hill.

Patricia Harper Mathews
(912) 656-5141
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Mossy Mystical Maritime (Oil, unframed - $600 - 18" x 36")

Mossy Mystical Maritime
(Oil, unframed - $600 - 18" x 36")

Hung Over (Oil, unframed - $275 - 12" x 24")

Hung Over
(Oil, unframed - $275 - 12" x 24")

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