“Life Is Good”, sometimes great …with periods of unforgettable events in each of our lives. Light and reflections on water, as well as forms, textures and colors of a disappearing lifestyle are things I find most appealing and I love creating my personal expression of them. I delight in sharing my craft with those who have had their own coastal experiences and find some pleasure from my images.

Educated in film based photography, darkroom development and the full range of studio arts at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia as well as painting with a group of wonderfully talented ladies of “The 5” I continue to solidify my talents as I develop into the artist I have always hoped to be. After running a fine arts printing business for several years with clients from around the country, I became motivated to start producing my own fine art digital photography. I am a member of the Professional Digital Imaging Association (PDIA) and I continually participate in painting and photography courses and workshops in order to refine my skills.

My artwork may be viewed at the Bryan County Art Gallery at the new Bryan County Administrative office building as well as local newspapers and magazines. For details about my work, you may contact me via E-mail.

Member of:
“The 5”
Professional Digital Imaging Association (PDIA)
Arts on the Coast
Richmond Hill Historical Society and Museum

Kathleen Hatcher
(912) 727-3820