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Art on the Air with Peter Roberts

This week's broadcast of Art on the Air features the multitalented Peter Erwin Roberts!

Roberts' latest solo exhibition "If Only" opens at the Savannah LGBT Center on June 7th from 5-8pm as part of First Fridays in Starland. Here's the show blurb:

"17 new works explore randomly connected thoughts that become fanciful environments. Based on real life experiences, arbitrary gossip and true encounters, each 12" x 12" has a pop art approach embellished by cut paper."

We can't wait to have Peter in studio to take a deep dive into not only this show, but his artistic practice and philosophy, as well as his take on the Savannah art community as a whole.

Also a Field Note with emerging artist Peggy Jo Aughtry and her inspiring story of how a very recent and unprecedented interest and practice in creating art saved her life.

Well worth a listen.