Cindi Williams Lewis

Cindi Williams Lewis is a freelance photographer who has had a love for photography since her early years of Middle School. From editing the photos for the annual staff to processing the photos in the darkroom, she learned about the art of photography from the ground up. Surprisingly she still owns the old Minolta that fueled her desire and took her through those early school years. Fast forward to today’s digital era and she now has several cameras that she uses to capture her images.

Seldom is the time you will find her without one of her cameras by her side. Cindi is a people person and enjoys taking candid shots, but mostly likes to capture the experiences of nature she shares with others. Cindi’s photographs highlight the true and pure beauty that Coastal Georgia has to offer.

Born and raised in Eastman, Georgia. Cindi and her husband Craig now live in Sunbury, Georgia. Her love for the Georgia coast and its’ southern charm is where the eye for the camera and the utter passion is fueled. Whether Cindi is riding in the boat or taking a leisurely afternoon ride on the golf cart something always sticks out and that is where the beauty of her art begins.

Cindi Williams Lewis
(912) 536-6548

Posted April 2019